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Looking good on a golf course is just as relevant to how you golf.

Believe it or not, golfing apparel plays a significant role in your golfing experience. It’s not just fashion sense.

It’s about comfort, breathability, maneuverability, and, if needed, heat or moisture protection.

In this review, we’re here to share with you the best golf shirts to help you play brilliantly on the course with style.

Best Golf Shirts for Golfing

6 Best Golf Shirts for Men

Black Clover Fairway Polo-Royal Golf Polo Shirt: Best Overall

It’s no doubt athletes and fitness enthusiasts will love the comfort and feel of the Fairway Polo-Royal.

We feel the Fairway Polo-Royal Golf Polo deserves the number one spot for its impressive key features.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Especially for humid days and summer months, moisture-wicking technology is vital to any golfer’s performance.

Feeling dry and crisp on a hot day allows a golfer to focus on his/her performance rather than feel uncomfortable throughout an 18-hole stretch!

86% Syntrel, 14% Spandex

With all that walking under the heat of the sun, you’re bound to sweat. With Syntrel fabric, sweat hardly becomes a problem.

In case you didn’t know, the unique microfiber packets and knitting technology in Syntrel fabric provide excellent moisture transport technology.

This means the fabric helps channel moisture away from the body and allows free-flowing air designed especially for high-performance activities.

The best part? Low chances of shrinkage!

Maximum Breathability

Breathability is all about how responsive your apparel is to your movements.

Whether you’re using your driver to and that eagle or using your putter to finish strong with a birdie, you need a golf shirt that’s responsive to your movements.


  • 86% Syntrel and 14% Spandex
  • Reliable & trusted brand
  • Top-notch quality
  • Great breathability
  • Keeps your body cool, fresh, and odor-free
  • Maximum comfort
  • Washer machine-friendly


  • None we could find

USAG Colo Cancer Golf Polo

Best Value

For a more affordable price level and long-lasting material, the USAG Colo Cancer polo is a golf shirt you wouldn’t be satisfied having just one in your closet!

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Moisture-wicking technology works similarly to a Dri-Fit shirt, moving perspiration or sweat away from your skin. By keeping you cool from the moisture, heat, and sweat, you’re looking at comfort at its very finest.


With golf equipment and memberships being as expensive as they already are, expensive golf apparel can be problematic for anyone’s budget.

If you’re still new to golf fashion or prefer high-quality golf shirts at an affordable price, the Colo Cancer is one of the best golf shirts you could invest in right now.

Made to Last

Pairing affordability with durability is one of the best decisions USAG made to their polo design.

Even after countless use, its fabric material stays intact, strong, and durable thanks to its 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane material for maximum breathability.

Structured Collar

USAG’s self-fabric structured collar may just be one tiny element in your overall golf polo, but it’s actually far from being just tiny.

The structured collar design in this performance polo helps you look sharp, neat, and professional even after hours of use!

UPF Protection

Great news! You get to save a few dollars on sunblock purchases! The Colo Cancer polo comes with a UPF rating of 50, giving your body as much sunblock protection you need.


  • Great price value
  • Great design & appeal
  • Keeps you cool throughout the day
  • Highly durable
  • Machine wash friendly
  • UPF protection of 50


  • None we could find

Oakley Engineered SS Polo Bomber Collar (White): Best Budget Pick

Oakley Bomber Collar golf polo shirt that’s perfect for any size. With such excellent affordability, Oakley Bomber Collar is a steal you don’t want to miss!

Classic Appeal

You just can’t beat the classics. Some might disagree with the whole classic cliche look, but then again, can you go wrong with cliches?

Do you know what you get with a classic appeal? Clean, practical, and simple. Not to mention the classic white design you just can’t go wrong with.

Three elements that sport an excellent look for any occasion be it a golf course, casual party, or a get-together with friends.

UPF Protection

With a UPF protection of 50 and an affordable price tag, it’s almost hard to believe this golf shirt sells below $45!


Seriously, why ever say no to a product or in this case, a golf shirt, you can save money on?


If you’re a serious golf player who plays 3 to 4 times a week, you’re going to need a durable golf shirt.

More importantly, it’s always best to have a good number of golf shirts you won’t have to worry about wearing down so easily.


  • Save money
  • Made to last
  • Classic, neat design
  • Wide color variety
  • UPF rating of 20 to 40
  • 89% Nylon
  • 11% Spandex


  • Gets dirty quickly

Pocket Stripes Polo Navy Golf Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for golf shirts you can use for just about any occasion, Pocket Stripes provides an athletic fit that’s breathable and comfortable.

100% Syntrel

We just can’t get enough of Syntrel fabric, and truth be told, it’s on our top list of shirts that provide the best-golfing performance.

As a result, you’ll stay fresh and odor-free throughout the entire duration of your game.


There’s nothing better than investing in a golf shirt that stays clean, refined, and wrinkle-free. Worried you won’t be able to impress the girl you saw yesterday?

Why not invest in golf polos that keep you feeling sharp and professional no matter the weather.

Athletic Fit

USAG manufactures one of the few golf polos that’s perfect for any setting, whether at the office, golf, lounge, or travel.

An athletic fit is perfect for you if you want a golf polo with a trim and tailored look. Additionally, you get extra comfortability and a level of class whether you wear it to work or on the course.


  • Flexible to wear for most occasions
  • Keeps you fresh and cool
  • Great comfort and breathability
  • Wrinkle-resistant


  • An athletic fit doesn’t suit everyone

IZOD Men’s Advantage Performance Golf Polo

Now, if breathability is at the top of your list, then IZOD Men’s Advantage fits that description perfectly.

60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Up until now, we’ve mostly listed golf shirts and golf polos that were 100% polyester.

This is where IZOD stands out from the pack. The polyester/cotton blend provides better durability, versatility, easier maintenance, and more breathability.

Take note, though. Since there’s more cotton than polyester, you’ll have to be careful when washing it.

Cotton tends to shrink with hot water, and although IZOD Men’s Advantage only 60%, it’s best to be safe still and read the proper washing instructions.

Sports Flex Technology

The Sports Flex technology is all about giving you the flexibility you need; thus, wearing this golf polo shouldn’t restrict your swing movements and keep your game performance in tip-top shape.

Quick Drying

Well, you’ve probably heard this countless times already, but here’s what will surprise you.

Thanks to its higher cotton blend, you can expect the IZOD Men’s Advantage to truly have a greater advantage of keeping you dry and cool in warmer climates.

Roll-Resistant Collar

We’re guessing your thoughts are: “What’s so impressive about a roll-resistant collar?”

Truth be told, not much.

But imagine wearing a golf polo or shirt with a faded, wrinkled collar? You might as well buy a new golf shirt instead, right?

Sometimes, you might stumble on golf shirts or golf polos with great fabric material except for the collar.

After prolonged exposure to washing, heat, soap products, and even dead skin cells, you get a faded collar that stops matching the color of your golf shirt.

Would you be brave enough to wear this in the golf course, especially during tournament season?

Yeah, we thought so.


  • Polyester/cotton blend
  • Durable
  • Great fabric material
  • Stretch fabric properties
  • Great breathability and flexibility
  • Roll-resistant collar


  • Needs extra care because of the cotton blend

Nike Men’s Dry Victory

Being the last of the best golf shirts on this list, we’ve decided to keep it simple, clean, and well, popular.

After all, that’s Nike for you.

Minimalist Appeal

Over the last few years, minimalism has become a popular revolution, not just in lifestyle but even in fashion.

When it comes to golf apparel, it’s a bold choice to go for a polo shirt with that minimalist appeal. Can you really go wrong with a clean and smart look?

Just think of how fantastic that would be in a golf course.

Dri-Fit Technology

Dri-Fit never gets old, does it?

With this fabric technology, you’re guaranteed to feel fresh, cool, and dry in warmer climates.

Of course, you can trust Nike since its been manufacturing this technology for decades.

Maximum Comfort

Although it’s 100% polyester, it’s also awe-inspiringly soft. Perhaps it’s due to the double knit fabric that most golf shirts don’t have.

Even though the Nike Dry Victory is the last best golf shirt on our list, it’s still one of the best men’s golf shirts you won’t regret buying.

Ribbed Collar

Swing as much as you want, and expect your collar to stay poised, flat, and even throughout the game. Now, that’s some serious style.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Great breathability
  • Clean & neat appeal
  • Extremely soft
  • Top-notch quality


  • Can be pricey for some

5 Best Golf Shirts for Women

As much as we’d love to share with you more men’s golf shirts to choose, we also wanted to add 4 women’s golf shirts to our review.

The 6 men’s golf shirts and polos we mentioned are sure to give you the most bang for your buck and splurge, so trust us when we say we only handpicked the best golf shirts for you.

DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather: Best Overall

With one of the best performance fabrics, the DRI-Equip takes our top pick for women’s best golf shirts, not to mention its balanced design of comfort and durability.


For an upgrade of lightweight performance, the Featherlite design takes comfort to a whole new level. This allows you to play with the most comfort and flexibility in every swing.

Wide Color Variety

Wouldn’t you find it boring to choose just one color design for your favorite golf shirt? The DRI-Equip offers a ton of unique color options such as True Navy, Tropic Blue, Vine Green, and True Royal.

Snag Material

Apart from its machine-wash friendly benefit, the snag material is one of the critical factors to its durable performance fabric.

It would be an understatement to say the DRI-Equip is simply durable – no, it’s undoubtedly an upgrade of performance fabrics, giving you a highly durable golf shirt to wear countless times without wear and tear.


  • Highly durable
  • Machine-wash friendly
  • Unique color variety and appeal
  • Superb lightweight performance
  • Great comfort and flexibility


  • Not suitable for larger-sized fits

Ladies Premier Polo Black: Best Value

We couldn’t help but include the Ladies Premier Polo as one of the best golf shirts for women. It’s amazing considering its price offer!

100% Performance Polyester

Here’s the thing about golf apparel that uses performance polyester. You can always rely on its wicking properties to perform better than any other material.

The yarn structure in polyester is what makes it an excellent choice if you really want to draw all that moisture away.

BC EZ Tech Wear

Black Clover technology is in a league of its own. Aside from its excellent combination of moisture transport and quick-dry performance, you also get incredible fit retention and stretch capabilities!

Pair this with the Ladies Premier’s exceptional softness, it’s a golf shirt perfect for all your needs on the course.


For all its benefits, the Ladies Premier Polo is a steal you shouldn’t wait to run out of stock!

Anti Microbial Protection

All that heat and humidity reveals how important anti-microbial and odor-free protection is for any golf shirt. Why struggle to find the best odor-free shirt when you have one right here?


  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent fit retention
  • Wrinkle and odor-free
  • Maximum breathability
  • Super soft
  • Minimalist appeal
  • Keeps you cool and dry well


  • Not suitable for women with a heavy or large chest

Amazon Essentials Women’s Performance Polo

Best Budget Pick

The Amazon Essentials Women’s Performance Polo is simply one of the best women’s golf shirts you wouldn’t want you to miss out on.

Considering how affordable it is, how else could we not include a shirt to save you your hard-earned money?

Plus, it’s got one feature that the men’s version doesn’t have.

88% Polyester 12% Elastane

Elastane is a common fabric material found in Under Armour. It’s known for its exceptional elasticity/stretchability and recovery.

Plus, it’s highly durable! Elastane is a renowned material for swimwear, intimates, and sportswear.


Generally speaking, most apparel that uses elastane fabric comes out slightly more expensive than other fabrics. Still, with Amazon Essentials offering such a great price deal, why else wouldn’t you snag and grab one for yourself!


Thanks to the elastane material and other underlying fabrics of this golf shirt, you can expect it to be highly durable too!


  • Exceptional stretchability
  • Lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Wide variety of color options


  • Inconsistency in size

PGA Tour Women’s Sleeveless Airflow

Perhaps you don’t need a polo or a short sleeve polo shirt. Instead, you might be venturing for a sleeveless shirt. In that case, we highly recommend the PGA Tour Women’s Sleeveless Airflow.

Believe us; it’s no ordinary sleeveless shirt.

Air Flux Technology

You’ve heard Cool DRI, Dri-Equip, and moisture-wicking. Meanwhile, PGA came up with its drying technology: Air Flux.

PGA’s Air Flux technology uses innovative fabrics to provide even more ventilation and cooling in warmer climates. What’s not to love?

Motion Flux

For enhanced breathability and maneuverability in your game, the Motion Flux design of the PGA Tour sleeveless shirt gives you the maximum range of motion.

Enhanced Comfort and Relaxed Fit

Just by looking at it, you can already tell it’s comfortable to wear—credits to PGA for a seamless design.

Many users also reviewed the product as being a relaxed fit upon trying it on. As a bonus, it’s pretty cute to wear too.


  • Improved ventilation and cooling for warmer climates
  • Great breathability
  • Maximum comfort
  • Seamless design
  • Enhanced range of motion


  • Not suited for larger-sized fits

Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button

You may not have heard of Animal Den, but this happens to be a best seller and a true feminine fit for women.

Poly Interlock Fabric

It’s what we love most about this polo shirt. The poly interlock fabric clearly sends a message that it stands out among all golf shirts on this list.

What’s so great about it, you may ask?

It’s incredibly soft and absorbent, making it ideal for active sportswear. It also has great stretchability and recovery that’s hardly beatable by any other fabric.

Suited for All Sizes

For women with a larger torso or arms, Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit polo shirt has no issues snugging into these dimensions.


Poly interlock fabrics have excellent dry-wicking properties so you can stay fresh, clean, and cool throughout your game.


  • Price-friendly
  • Versatile wear
  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Great stretchability
  • Great dry-wicking properties
  • Fabric is ideal for activewear


  • Tends to wrinkle after some time
  • For snug fits, you’ll have to order a size smaller than your typical shirt size

How to Choose the Best Golf Shirt

Whether you’re going for a polo or a shirt, there are essential factors to consider beforehand.

Tip #1: Go for the Right Material

For golfers, choosing the right material is vital to meeting your needs. High-quality materials will have good breathability and stretchability, which primarily influence your range of motion when you play.

The right material will also affect your swing and prevent the shirt from clinging to your body due to sweat and moisture.

Not only does poor material affect your performance, but it also causes discomfort on your skin and body.

Essentially, polyester materials are great choices for golfers. Cotton isn’t also the same as it used to be. Thanks to polyester-cotton blends, this changed the dynamic of using cotton as a golf shirt.

Here are a few materials worth looking into for golfers:

  1. Polyester – A common material used by many golfers. Polyester materials have a sportier look with more technical details. These types are also best for wearing on the course only.
  2. Cotton – A common material used by golfers as well, but are more fashionable than polyester types. The great thing about cotton is that golfers can also wear it off the course.
  3. Polyester + Spandex – With the rise of technology, a polyester + spandex material offers the same benefits of polyester and an improved range of motion or maneuverability.
  4. Cotton + Elastane – Elastane adds an enhanced stretchability for golfers making the fit more comfortable and snug.

Tip #2: Never Overlook Durability

Whether it’s men’s golf or women’s golf shirts, durability should never be overlooked.

You’re already spending a hefty amount on golf equipment alone. Imagine having to buy a new pair of golf shirts every month.

Before the year ends, you’ll most likely be broke.

Also, go for golf shirts that can handle several wash cycles before breaking down.

Tip #3: Make Sure It’s Breathable

Going for lightweight, breathable golf shirts are your best investments when summer starts.

Breathable golf shirts aren’t just about comfort. It’s about keeping your skin dry, cool, fresh, and odor-free.

Golf shirts with poor dry-wicking properties are a nightmare to wear on incredibly humid days.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Fit

Choosing the right fit depends on your body type. Every person has a unique body type. You can either be:

  1. Ectomorph (Slim type) – Ectomorphs have lean, narrow characteristics such as narrow shoulders or chests. For ectomorphs, a slim fit tailored fit suits you.
  2. Endomorph (Round type) – Endomorphs have rounded contours, cylindrical torso, and stocky build. A regular fit, traditional fit, or performance fit suits you.
  3. Mesomorph (Muscular type) – Mesomorphs have broad shoulders and slim waists. A regular fit, a performance fit, or slim-fit standard fit suits you.

Final Tip

After you’ve applied these tips, the final tip when choosing golf shirts is finding a shirt that’s fashionable and stylish.

It’s all about looking sharp, sleek, and neat on the course. Why else would Tiger Woods dress with fashion even after golfing for so long?

A great outfit can not only boost your self-confidence on the course, but it can also add finesse and style when you land a beautiful swing.

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