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If you enjoy playing golf, you know that golf tees can impact your game. It might even make or break you as a golf player.

Today, we’ll review some of the best golf tees in the market that’s worth your money. You don’t have to scour the aisle of your golf store anymore!

Are you ready for your big win? Keep reading, and let’s get started.

Best Golf Tees for High Handicappers

6 Best Tees for Golf High Handicappers

We’re sure you’ve already visited your golf store to check out the tees available. Did you find anything you fancy? Did it perform well for you?

Undeniably, finding golf tees for high handicappers can be a challenge. It can either get the best performance out of you or not. Luckily, we’re here to help you.

We’ll go through some of the best golf tees in the market for high handicappers. Regardless of what type of player you are, we’ll have something for you.

Pride Professional Tee System

Best Overall Product

Look no further because the Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) is everything you’d want for a golf tee. Whether you’re a professional or not, you’ll fall in love with this tee in no time.

Many professionals swear by this product, and it wouldn’t surprise us considering its excellent performance in the field.

With every strike of the golf ball, you can expect a consistent and improved performance. Doesn’t that sound great?


What we love about this tee is its color-coding system. It makes your job a lot easier to identify its length and whether it’s appropriate for your club.

You don’t have to keep grabbing a tee and check out whether it meets the desired height and trajectory for you or your golf ball.

The color-coding also proves to be very cost-effective. The tee comes in different packaging and small quantities, depending on the height you’re going for, golf club using, and more.

Overall, the system eliminates the problem of spending countless hours to check whether the tee is fit for your club. You can stick it on the ground, put your golf ball, and play!


The pride professional golf tee comes in different sizes, ranging between 1 ½ to 4 inches. Safe to say, this helps you a lot in finding the right height for you.

Each tee height has its advantages for a particular type of player. For example:

  • 4 inches – Longest golf tee PTS offers. The tee is suited for large drives that have 460cc heads. It provides an extra distance, especially when you tee the golf ball higher.
  • 2 ¼ inch – Ideal for medium-sized drives within the 400cc range.
  • 2¾ inch – Ideal for small head drivers.
  • 2 ¼ inch – PTS also has a golf tee suited for longer irons, fairway wood, and hybrids.
  • 1 ½ inch – Made especially for irons and hybrids.


If you’re particular about tee material, choosing the PTS won’t be a problem. You can choose between a wood or plastic tee. Golf enthusiasts shouldn’t have a problem!

The classic white plastic and wooden tee give golfers that familiar feel each time.

Key Features

  • Low-friction tee for long drives
  • Excellent and reliable unbreakable tee
  • Easy to tee on the grass
  • Stays stable during swings


  • Comes in different tee lengths for different club sizes
  • Made of plastic or wooden materials
  • Provides consistent height each time
  • A cost-effective color-coding system


  • PTS wooden tees break easily
  • White paint on the tee may transfer to the club

Martini Step-Up Golf Tees 3 ¼ inch

Best in Durability

If you’re looking for a tee you can use for a regular game or competitions and tournaments, the Martini Tees won’t disappoint. It’s an all-around tee that can get the job done.


If you’re one of those golf players who enjoy the look and feel of conventional golf tees, then the Martini Tee is for you. It sports a traditional and straightforward tee design, perfect for any gameplay.

As its name suggests, the body is shaped like a martini glass. Thanks to its unique shape, you shouldn’t have a hard time identifying them in the field.

But the design isn’t just for aesthetics. It serves an essential purpose.

If you’re careful with your equipment and take extra precautions over it, then this product is a perfect addition to your equipment.

Thanks to its unique design, the tee makes it safe for you to use different clubs. Whether you’re using iron or wooden clubs, you won’t have to worry about damaging them because of the tee!


This product has a single height of 3 ¼ inches. Nonetheless, it proves to be an ideal length, regardless of gameplay.

The size is somewhere in the medium range, perfect for golf clubs and ball of sizes! Pack a tee in your equipment, and you’re good to go!


Consider this tee indestructible, thanks to its polymer blend materials. The tee is significantly more durable compared to wooden tees.

So if you’re looking for the best golf tee that can last you for a long time, this is for you.

Key Features

  • Ideal for senior golfers
  • Perfect to use for golf competitions and tournaments
  • Won’t damage your clubs
  • Perfect for different club sizes


  • Conventional but reliable golf tee
  • Comes in different colors
  • Very durable
  • Great ball support


  • Slightly expensive than other tees
  • Poor value for money

Four More Yards Golf Tees

Best Long-Distance Tee

A common problem frequent golf players experience is the friction and inaccuracy of shots because of their tees.

If this is something you struggle with, you’ll be happy to know that this product solves that problem for you.


The product sports two notable features in its design: the elastomer crown and six-prong top. Together, it can impact your performance.

The elastomer crown flexes upon impact and provides extra stability for your ball and shot each time. But what’s impressive about this feature is that it helps you increase the distance of your shot.

So if you’re playing in a field with significant yards ahead of you, this tee is an ideal companion.

The six-prong top works to reduce the friction upon impact between your golf club, ball, and tee. It does a great job of lowering friction compared to other golf tees.


You can choose between different sizes because their tees come in various lengths, 1 ½, 2 ¾, and 3 ¼ inches. You shouldn’t have a difficult time finding the right tee for you.

Selecting between longer or shorter tees is a matter of preference. For example, longer tees are ideal for drives and fairway foods. On the other hand, shorter tees work best for irons and hybrids.


The tee is made with plastic, but we are nevertheless impressed with how durable it is. You can use the tee for up to a minimum of 100 shots without it breaking.

It’s cost-effective and lasts you for a long time!

Key Features

  • Durable and great longevity
  • Provides less friction
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Better control


  • Perfect for large head drivers
  • Sports a color bar to indicate tee length
  • Consistent tee height
  • Cost-effective


  • Pricier than most golf tees
  • Hard to press on the ground

Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tees

Best Eco-Friendly Tee

Bamboo golf tees are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Its durable and eco-friendly, and has become one of the best options out there.

Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo grows ten times faster. They’re a lot easier to harvest thanks to its growth rate, and they decompose quickly. You won’t have to worry about damaging the environment!


On its face, the bamboo tee looks like any other tee out there; however, the beauty of it lies in its performance.

The design makes sure to keep your equipment, be it your golf ball or club, in top shape. Its lacquer finish makes sure it doesn’t leave any marks or damages the face of your club.


The bamboo tee sports a 2¾ inch size, which is ideal for small head drivers. Nevertheless, you can try using other drivers!


The most exceptional characteristic of this product is its material.

Many golf players prefer using bamboo tees these days because it’s durable and won’t break upon impact. You can keep re-using the tee as many times as you want.

Bamboo tees are significantly more durable than wooden and plastic tees, so you’re assured you can keep your equipment and performance always at its best!

If you haven’t tried bamboo tees yet, then we recommend this product to get you started. They even offer a 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome!

Key Features

  • PGA-approved and conforms with USGA Regulations
  • High-quality material
  • Gentler on the environment
  • Easier on the equipment


  • Offers a 30-days money back guaranteed
  • Eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Won’t damage your clubface


  • Pricier than most tees
  • Tends to fly on impact

AckBrands MeasureTees Golf Tees

Best Precision Tee

In golf, accuracy and precision are critical. You might be a highly skilled player, but your skills can only go so far. What if the problem isn’t with you? What if the problem is with your tee?

Controlling the trajectory of your shot can be a challenge. It can make or break your game! If you tee too high or too low, who knows what will happen?

If your goal is to have consistent and precise shots each time, then this tee is worth the try.


On the face of the tee, you’ll find lines with ¼ segment markings on the body. The lines function as a marker to indicate the height you want to stick it on the ground. You can precisely tee it depending on your playing conditions!

Stick it to the ground as high or low as you want. On your next shot, you’ll be sure of the outcome! You’ll have a more consistent and reliable trajectory for each shot.


The product measures at 3 ¼ inches. On its body, you’ll find lines with ¼ inch segments so that you can tee it depending on your preference.


You can use this tee up to 100 times, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

The tees are made with durable plastic material and it’s nearly indestructible!

Key Features

  • Allows you to control your trajectory
  • Has ¼ inch intervals
  • Made with durable plastic or wood materials
  • Improves your confidence


  • Provides consistent tee height each time
  • Very durable
  • Easy to stick on the grass
  • High precision and accuracy


  • Markings tend to wear off
  • Slightly pricey

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

Best Friction Free Tee

The Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong has been one of the most popular golf tees to date. It also remains as one of the top-performing golf tees in a game!


Despite being a high performing tee, the design is pretty basic and straightforward.

It has the essential components, such as the 3-pronged holder and stake.

The three pillars reduce the golf balls’ resistance and fewer number of contact points on the ball.

The tee also comes in different colors and lengths, depending on your preference!


The body has a total size of 3¼ inches. It’s ideal for medium-sized golf clubs, but you can nevertheless use other golf club sizes.

The length is also ideal for several players. Put the golf ball on top, strike, and watch the ball fly far and straight ahead!


The tees come in an excellent plastic material that’s exceptionally durable. If you’re a golfer with high swing speeds, this tee is for you.

You can use it for 3 to 4 months without any problem! It’s cost-effective and reliable!

Key Takeaways

  • Proven to be a reliable tee
  • Number 1 performance tee
  • Best tee for optimum performance
  • Made of bio-composite materials


  • Comes in various lengths
  • Made with durable materials
  • Offers various colors
  • PGA Tour winner


  • Hard to balance the golf ball

How to Select the Best Golf Tees?

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, we’re sure you have considerations of your own when looking for golf tees. Nevertheless, there are several crucial factors you need to remember before buying golf tees.

If you want to find the best golf tees, then keep the following factors in mind:

  • Height
  • Material
  • Price
  • Purpose


The height of your golf tees generally depends on the size of your golf club. If you’re unsure of your golf club’s size, you can ask around in your local golfing store. They might even give you some recommendations!

Height plays an even more significant role when teeing your golf ball. The height you tee your golf ball directly influences how well a player can drive the ball. This means you could tee the ball too high or too low.

For this reason, finding the right height of your tee gives you better distance and trajectory when teeing your golf ball.


Golf tees are available in different types of materials. The material you choose is a matter of preference.

Typically, a plastic tee is more durable than wood tees. Nevertheless, wood tees are also ideal for different playing types.


Price is always an essential factor in your decision-making process.

Golf tees don’t come cheap. You don’t want to spend a fortune buying golf tees, only to find out it isn’t helpful for you!

Before buying your golf tees, make sure you know what you’re looking for. It’s better that you do this now, instead of wasting a fortune later.


Some golf tees are meant for a specific purpose. There are high-performance tees, anti-slice tees, friction-free tees. You name it!

It’s all about finding the best tee to meet your needs!

What Are the Different Types of Golf Tees?

Golf tees are available in different types and materials. Each can complement a particular kind of golf club or manner of playing. There are also other materials perfect for a regular game of golf.

Today, most golf tees are either made with wood or plastic tees. But lately, there’s been a noticeable trend that many golf players prefer golf tees made with biodegradable materials.

The standard tee size would be somewhere between 2 to 4 inches, depending on your need.

Let’s go through the different materials golf tees are made of, and find what’s right for you.

Bamboo Tees

Lately, bamboo tees have been gaining a lot of popularity among golf players.

They’re significantly more rigid and durable than wooden tees. More importantly, they’re eco-friendly and a lot cheaper than wooden tees.

No wonder a lot of players are starting to use bamboo tees!

Brush Tees

Brush tees are usually made of plastic. It comes in various heights and colors, and its top sports soft bristles for a good reason.

The bristles are designed to keep the ball steady atop. It can also reduce friction upon impact and increase the distance of a shot.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees are the next most popular type of golf tees. They’re easy to find in all golf stores, so they’re very accessible.

One advantage of using plastic tees is its ability to reduce the friction impact. The plastic would bend upon impact, instead of breaking.

You can re-use them over and over again until broken or lost.

However, if you’re concerned about the environment, golf plastic tees aren’t for you. They’re not the most eco-friendly tees because it could take decades for them to break down.

Standard Tees

As its name suggests, standard tees are the number one choice for all golf players. Regardless of playing level, classic tees are easily the most used tee.

The material is typically made from wood and comes in different sizes ranging between 2 ¼ and 4 inches.

Its shape and performance are very basic. You can legally use the tee on a golf tournament. That being said, this tee is pretty straightforward.

Zero Friction Tees

This type of tee is nearly similar to the shape of standard tees. The only difference is that zero tees provide less friction and better distance.

Wooden Tees

Wooden tees are popular across all types of golfers. You can shape and personalize it according to your gameplay.

You can even paint it or make simple personal marks; it’s up to you.

The best part about wooden tees is that they’re biodegradable, meaning you don’t have to worry about harming the environment if you leave your wooden tees behind accidentally or when it goes missing.

What Golf Tees Do Professionals Use?

We’re sure you’re wondering what professionals prefer for their golf tees, and we’ll answer that question!

Generally, seasoned players prefer to use 4-inch golf tees because it adds more height to the ball.

In terms of material, golf tees, plastic or wooden, differ in a lot of ways. Wood tees are generally better because you can plant them on the soil without any problem. It’s also very durable!

In terms of durability, plastic tees are better. Wood tees tend to break upon impact. Compared to plastic tees, which usually bend upon impact.

In terms of installation, wood tees are easier to stick on the ground, unlike plastic tees.

Friction-Free Tees

One of the concerns many golf players face is the surface friction of golf tees.

Too much friction impacts how far the ball goes. It prevents the ball from having a high take off.

For a seasoned golf player, this is very problematic. This is why they prefer using friction-free tees. It reduces the contact area and gets the ball high and far enough.

Standard Tees

Standard tees can perform well enough for seasoned players! They come in different sizes, and its a no-fuss, no-hassle kind of tee.

If you just want to play, then standard tees should be enough for you.

Top Picks

We’ve curated some of the best golf tees today, but among all, we have our top two favorites: Pride Professional Tee System and the Martini Step-Up Golf Tees.

The runner up position belongs to the Martini Step-Up Tee.

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward tee that performs exceptionally. Whether you plan to use it on a regular game or tournaments, it won’t disappoint you.

The product is also highly durable and can even outlast wood tees!

Our clear winner and number one pick is no other than the Pride Professional System.

It has everything you want to help you win a game of golf: consistency, reliability, and good performance.

The color-coding system makes your job a lot easier.

What we love the most about Pride Professional is it comes in different lengths. You won’t have a hard time choosing the right height for you!


Golfers frequently forget to select the best tee for their game. In reality, golf tees are just as essential as your golf ball, equipment, and accessories.

Be it the golf ball, club, among others, using the right tee is often the key to winning. Be sure to choose only the best tee for you.

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