The Golf Course Accessory That Will Change the Way You Play


If you are like most people, you had probably first thought that playing on a golf course would be easy, a feat that you could quickly master. However, you soon discovered that golfing on real turf is far from a simple walk in the park. This initial flawed impression was likely after watching world-class pro golfers effortlessly win one international tournament after another.

While the above scenario may not apply to you, newbies in golf quickly discover that it is more time to learn the game than initially perceived. Why is this outcome almost inevitable for beginners? The answer is simple and straightforward. Succeeding in golf requires investing a considerable amount of time in learning the rules and perfecting essential golfing skills.

Fortunately, an accessory exists that can help you fast-track your progress in the game by acquiring the skills needed to become a pro golfer. This article looks at the capabilities of a golf training simulator, the golf course accessory that will change the way you play.

What is a Golf Training Simulator?

A simulator is a state-of-the-art tool used by both newbies and veteran golfers to learn, acquire, develop, enhance and perfect a wide array of golfing skills. This device has various inbuilt, standalone and interconnected components that collectively create a user-friendly golf training interface. These golf training simulator components and their respective functions are outlined as below.

  • An Infrared Optical Swing Pad
    This component is a flat composite-plastic mat that features multiple inbuilt infrared transmitters and optical sensors. The infrared transmitter and optical sensor array perform the function of accurately measuring the strength, speed, angle, and alignment of your swing. Consequently, you stand on one end of the swing pad when using the golf training simulator to practice your golf swing.
  • Special Golf Balls
    The simulator comes with two or more high-density foam golf balls. The surface of each ball is specially designed to optimally reflect invisible infrared light emitted by the transmitters built into the swing pad. The reflected infrared light is then detected by the optical sensors which allow for real-time plotting of the golf ball’s trajectory
  • Adjustable Rubber Tees
    As suggested by their name, you can adjust the rubber tees to your ideal height when setting a purpose-built golf ball for a swing of your golf club. The rubber construction of each tee ensures it doesn’t get damaged when hit by a golf club’s leading edge.
  • Hitting Mat
    The hitting mat features receptacles for mounting adjustable rubber tees when setting a foam golf ball for a swing. The mat’s tough composite rubber material allows it to harmlessly absorb the impact of a bad swing. Consequently, you place the hitting mat atop the swing pad to protect from sustaining damage from your golf club.
  • Portable Hitting Net
    The function of the hitting net is to capture a foam golf ball after you swing and succeed in hitting it. You simply place the net a few paces in front you. Consequently, the net allows you to use the golf simulator within a small enclosed space while training.
  • USB Hookup Cable
    The USB cable relays real-time swing-related metrics generated by the swing pad transmitter-sensor array to TV screen. This allows you to watch your real-time swing performance on a screen located either directly in front or to the side of your swing trajectory.
  • Simulator Software
    This final component of a golf simulator is non-physical as it is the code used by the swing pad to record, analyze, and interpret data generated by the inbuilt transmitter sensor array. This software makes it possible for you to check the angle, strength, alignment, and trajectory of your swing on a simulated 3D golf course.

What Training Benefits does a Golf Simulator Offer?

The most significant benefit of using a golf simulator is the ability to train even while at home. This feat is possible because the entire simulator setup can fit in a small room of a house or apartment. Other training benefits availed by this technological marvel include:

  • Learning the Golf Rules and Guidelines
    Using a golf simulator familiarizes you with the various rules of golf without having to train in an actual real-life golf course, as part of an introductory course. These rules and guidelines include use of the different golf clubs, distance estimation, types of shots, the meaning of different flag colors, scoring, and so forth. You are then able to apply these same rules and guidelines while playing on an actual golf course.
  • How to Properly hold and Grip a Golf Club
    One of the first things you learn while using a simulator is to correctly grip and hold a golf club. This involves aligning the leading edge to the estimated direction of the target. The device shows you how to visualize a straight line connecting your golf ball to a virtual hole in a 3D golf course via TV screen.

These first lessons take place via a series of instructional video animations that come pre-installed. In this manner, you avoid feeling inconspicuous by being certain that you can properly handle your golf clubs while playing on real-life turf.

  • How to Stance and Position a Golf Ball
    A golf simulator shows you instructional videos on proper stance and position your golf ball in different play scenarios. This involves correctly placing your golf ball on a tee at a suitable height before each swing. Consequently, you are confident when setting your golf ball during a round of golf playing on an actual golf course.
  • Learning How to Aim Your Golf Ball
    The simulator provides you with a target to aim at in the form of a flag on an area of green turf within a virtual golf course. You can easily vary the strength, angle, and trajectory of your swing in relation to different distances between a virtual hole and the real-life golf ball. The ability to quickly repeat swings
  • Practicing to Perfection
    Once you acquire basic skills and knowledge on golfing, a golf simulator allows you to practice your swing till you master a wide array of simulated golfing scenarios. The outcome is you gain considerable competence in tackling a wide range of difficult real-life play situations when playing on a real-world golf course.

There isn’t a shred of doubt with regard to the accelerated rate of learning a golf simulator can allow you to achieve. This fast-track capability of this state-of-the-art device can help to quickly turn a beginner into a veteran golfer in no time. Indeed, a golf simulator is a golf accessory that will change the way you play.

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