Top 20 Cool Golf Accessories You Didn’t Know you Need


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Having the right golf accessories can mean the difference between a spectacular round of this popular game and a boring indoor/outdoor golfing session. A simple cap or visor that adequately shades your eyes from the sun’s glare can boost your golfing considerably. Furthermore, you are more likely to play with confidence before your friends, colleagues, or competitors when you know you look great in your golfing outfit.

While reaping the benefits of playing golf can surpass the need to win, having cool golf accessories can also significantly increase your enjoyment of the game. But what accessories do you need when planning a round of golf? Well, this article looks at the top 20 cool golf accessories that you didn’t know you needed.

The Incredibly Vast Range of Cool Golf Accessories

In simple terms, cool golf accessories are any items that not only provide convenience while playing a round of golf but also items that favorably enhance your overall game. As a result, a wide array of items are considered ideal golfing accessories, including golfing equipment, training aids, golfing apparel, wearable functional items, and more.

Below is a compilation of the top 20 must-have cool golf accessories that not only boost your playing prowess but also enhance your enjoyment of this popular pastime.

1. Golfing Headgear

You have three options when it comes to choosing cool golfing headgear, which is caps, hats, and visors. Golfing headwear ensures the sun’s glare doesn’t ruin your aim, in addition to protecting the skin on your face and neck.

2. Gloves

A cool pair of gloves not only make you look good but also serves to protect your hands from blisters during your round. You can buy comfortable leather or composite-fabric golf gloves.

3. Golf Balls

Always have extra golf balls in your bag, especially when playing courses with a lot hazards. This ensures you avoid wasting time retrieving lost balls, particularly during competitive play.

4. Golf Clubs

Your set of cool golf clubs should feature precision woods, irons, and putters that suitably lower your handicap and maximize your playing technique.

5. Tees

You have a choice of different colors and designs when buying a pack of plastic or wooden tees for your outing. A pack ensures you always have a replacement ready whenever you might break a tee.

6. Club Covers

The cool-looking club covers not only make for a stylish personalized set of golf clubs but also function to protect your precious drivers, wedges, and irons from wear during storage and transport. Buying club covers is one way of ensuring the longevity of your golf clubs.

7. Ball Markers

You use ball makers, which are flat pieces of metal, to precisely mark the location of your golf ball when it’s in the path of another player’s ball. These cool golf accessories save you time during your round.

8. Golf Bag

You can choose between an array of designs and materials for the cool golf bag meant for carrying your golf clubs. Viable golf bag styles include carry, stand, cart, and travel bag designs.

9. Towels

Your cool golfing towel purchase should feature different sections for wiping your hands, cleaning your clubs, and wiping the dirt from golf balls.

10. Divot Tools

A divot or ball-mark repair tool eases your play by allowing you to conveniently flatten out small indentations on turf that can easily ruin a golf ball’s path of travel.

11. Braces

Adorning a brace on your wrist or elbow joint that restricts joint movement enhances your golf play by allowing for a more refined swing. These braces are also invaluable at alleviating joint pain while golfing.

12. Push Cart

You easily avoid the burden of carrying your heavy golf bag when you use a stylish two-wheeled push cart for the task. An equally viable alternative would be buying a cart golf bag that features inbuilt wheels.

13. Groove Cleaner

A groove cleaner ensures that your club face and grooves are clean which allows you to maximize the backspin on your golf shot, reducing roll and helping to improve your score.

14. Ball Retriever

This cool telescopic pole allows you to conveniently retrieve golf balls that end up in the sand pits and shallow pools that constitute full-scale golfing venues. In effect, a ball retriever can save you considerable time when golfing outdoors.

15. Golf Ball Brush

Owning a cool brush accessory allows you to easily and rapidly clean a dirty golf ball when a towel proves inadequate for the task.

16. Stroke Counter

You can use a string of beads, a thumb-operated wheel, or a clicker as your stoke counter to keep an accurate tally of your strokes during a prolonged golfing session or tournament.

17. Swing Trainer

This cool golf accessory, an iron club featuring an angle-specific hinge, trains you to restrict your arm movement within the plane of play for more accurate swings.

18. Golfing Simulator

A simulator is a cool state-of-the-art golf accessory that allows you to practice your golfing skills in a small space, such as the rooms in your house.

19. Golfing Shoes

Your ideal pair of golf shoes should not only be comfortable but also feature a flexible and spiked sole for maximum grip and balance during swings.

20. Cotton Polo Shirt

Last but not least, a light and absorbent cotton shirt guarantee your optimum comfort while playing, particularly during prolonged outdoor golfing sessions.

Take Away

While the above list is far from exhaustive, it clearly illustrates the various ways in which cool golf accessories can positively impact and enhance your golfing. The sporting goods depicted in this compilation range from functional items of clothing to an assortment of useful golf tools and aids.

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